We brought together a group of people that have devoted their lives sharing truth, beauty, and goodness.

George Weigel

Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies.

Marcel LeJeune

President and Founder of Catholic Missionary Disciples.

Fr. Jon Bielawski

Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation and Catechesis in the Diocese of Plymouth. Co-developer of The Genesis Mission.

Dr. Mary Healy

Professor of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan and an international speaker.

Lisa Canning

Cofounder of U Evangelize. Speaker, coach, and author of The Possibility Mom: How to be a Great Mom at the Same Time.

Josh Canning

Cofounder of U Evangelize. Former National Catholic Church Coordinator for Alpha Canada. Founder and blogger at

Michael Dopp

Cofounder of U Evangelize. Founder of Mission of the Redeemer Ministries and the New Evangelization Summit.

Michele Thompson

Co-developer of The Genesis Mission.

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Dublin, Ireland

It was inspiring, and presented in a way that was easy to relate to and encouraged me to evangelise. 

Oklahoma, USA

I was encouraged by the positive energy to persevere in troubled times... we have believers around the world who are traveling this journey with us.
We are not alone!  

The content was all practical and immediately useful.

Ontario, Canada


All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City.


Thank you to all our partners that made this day possible.

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All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City.

Thank you for joining us!
You can watch the replay below.

Praise from the last U Evangelize Summit

What You'll Discover

by attending this event:

How to evangelize through all kinds of uncertainty

The most important skill we need to develop as Catholics right now

How to not lose hope in the face of despair

How to keep your parish relevant even when not operating normally

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